What is the best way to sell used medical equipment?

We just aquired a bunch of used medical equipment that is in decent condition (grandma passed away). We want to try to sell it to get a few bucks, but I’m not sure about selling on eBay since most items will be difficult to ship (walkers, sling lift, wheel chair, hospital bed, etc.). I have no idea about the value of these items either, so I’m hesitant to list them in the classifides or Craigslist. Any other ideas?

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  • firechick1721:

    since no ebay, there is a sight called govdeals.com i just know how to price on it, not sure if there is a way to auction unless you are special.. also we have a place in our area called golsn.com where you can sell stuff… if your area has a place like that then try it, or try the local classifieds!!
    to search the values, type in the brand name.. that will give you a ballpark figure!!

  • 0_d_m:

    Local Auction Maybe

  • cpc:

    Suggest you visit the DOTmed.com website. You could auction equipment off there and the company will handle all the details, including shipping.

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